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Here’s a video showcasing the CRT effect in my favorite boss fight so far.  

View it in HD and fullscreen to see the effect.  

I’ve been doing a whole lot of whacky stuff with Shovel Knight (Great game by the way!) but I just don’t really know what of it is really appropriate here since I’m still learning more and would rather post something I fully understand than hypothetical musings.  

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Shovel Knight CRT SweetFx

You must view the images full size in order to properly see the effect

Top is Vanilla, second is applied to 1080p image, bottom is rendered lower res for a more retro experience.  

1080p version

Low res version for 1080p screens

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Hypatia’s Hi-Res Wind Waker Texture Pack


For a list of what this pack includes click here

If you downloaded the original pack you’ll need to delete that before installing this one.


i can’t believe the latest update for the hi-res WW project is FINALLY out. i did it. go me.

Theres been so much updated since the last pack; roughly a third of the dungeon textures have been done and not only are most of the islands pretty much finished but most of the environment textures from the older pack have been repainted at even higher resolutions!

Plus dont forget to check out the alt outfits mods in case you want to play as pink-haired LTTP Link or OoT Link or Vaati or-

and if you use an xbox controller you might want the xbox hud mod

plus theres the alternate shadows mods in case you want more 3D looking models, fake highlights or metal-looking characters.

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Look out, they’re breaking through!!! Dark Souls


Dark Souls II - No Mans Wharf

Hi res album

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